Lost Mines of Phandelver Miniature Suggestions - Part 1

Lost Mines of Phandelver Miniature Suggestions

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Lost Mines of Phandelver (LMoP) is an extremely popular adventure included in the starter kit for D&D 5E and with good reason its great! and because of this a really common request we get is for ALL THE MINIATURES FOR LMOP. Sadly (and for no reason I can understand) Wizkids haven't published a complete prepainted set of minis for this adventure despite the fact that it would sell like hotcakes if one was available. The closest thing that comes to this is the new Kickstarted starter set from Arcknight which will provide 2D mini versions of all the creatures within LMoP (and yes we certainly will be stocking it when it is available).


So in absence of that we will do our best to provide suggestions for minis that are appropriate for all the NPCs and Monsters within LMoP. It is worth noting that you don't have to have all of these to run the module well - there are a number of NPCs that are not likely to be combat active and where there are large groups of monsters some people use one or two representative minis to give the flavor of the fight and then use stand ins for the rest. But supposing you want ALL THE MINIATURES FOR LMOP here are our suggestions for Part 1: 


Part 1: Goblin Arrows

This part calls for 18 Goblins... But there are no more than six goblins in any specific fight so I would suggest you actually need 6 goblins. There are a lot of good options for goblins if you want prepainted but my suggestions are picking out of these: 

Goblin Fighter - Tyranny of Dragons

Goblin - Sword - Monster Menagerie 2

Goblin - Axe - Monster Menagerie 2

Goblin Archer - Rage of Demons


Goblin with Torch - Monster Menagerie 3

3 Goblin Set - Village Raiders Pack - worth noting that the skin tone of these is more green than the other Goblins so mixing them may look a little odd. 

Or if you want to save a little bit of money (but incur a lot of painting time) you can get unpainted goblins here:

Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures: Goblins (set of 3) 

Whichever way you go I recommend you get a bit of variety - its helpful to have several different sculpts in a battle it helps the PC's indicate who they are focusing on, and it is useful for you when you want to highlight a specific NPC like the goblin leader. 


This part also calls for 4 wolves but no more than 3 are present in any particular encounter so I'd suggest grabbing 3 wolves

 Wolf - Monster Menagerie

Wolf - Harbinger

Timber Wolf - Deathknell

Or if you would prefer unpainted you can grab a two pack of wolves here:

Pathfinder Deepcuts - Timber Wolves


You will also need someone to represent Sildar Hallwinter the human warrior that the party (all going to plan...) will rescue during this part of the adventure. There are tons of human male fighter sculpts available but to help narrow it down here are a few suggestions:

Kleef Kenric - Storm King's Thunder 

Pious Guard - Rusty Dragon Inn

Human Cleric - Monster Menagerie 2

Human Paladin - Tyranny of Dragons

Or if you want an extremely distinctive mini you could use Orik Vancaskerkin - Rise of the Runelords


Finally you need a mini for Klarg the Bugbear who is effectively the Big Bad Evil Guy of this part of the adventure. Again there are lots of bugbear's available but here are a few that could suit Klarg:

Bugbear Tyrant - Rusty Dragon Inn

Bugbear - Tyranny of Dragons

Bugbear Hunter - Rage of Demons

or if you are wanting something a bit different the Bugbear Flesh Glutton - Rusty Dragon Inn is a pretty imposing sculpt which suits a bugbear leader who has let himself go a bit... It is a less reusable sculpt though since it is on a large base and hence oversized for a regular bugbear. My preferred pick would probably be the Bugbear Tyrant. 



So there you go, six goblins, three wolves, a human male fighter and a bugbear are what you need to run part 1 of LMoP. Here are some shots of the minis I have suggested all together: 

 The Iconic Ambush scene:

Rogue's Gallery:


This post and series was inspired by the Power Score Blog and also by DeadSmurf's attempts to catalog the minis related to various books over on the MinisGallery Forums



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  • Jim On

    Even though this is two years after article and 8 (?) years since the release of The Lost Mines of Phandelver there are some of us just now getting to DM it for new and never before players of D&D 5e. Your suggests about the type and number of miniatures for the game saves significant time in prep work. It is much appreciated.

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