Environmental Policy

Here at RPG Mini Hunter we take seriously the idea that we are all responsible for the world we live in. Because of this we have set up our business to try and minimise its environmental impact in a number of ways:

Shipping - RPG Mini Hunter only uses shipping companies which are carbon neutral. 

Reuse - We aim to minimise the amount of new packing material we use by reusing packaging that we receive from our suppliers that we then use to send miniatures out to you. This includes the plastic bubble wrap bags most of our minis ship in, airbags, packing peanuts, paper & foam. We also reuse the boxes that were shipped to us to ship out stock to you (as well as having an arrangement with a local Bunnings so we can supplement our packing boxes with theirs if need be). We even have a small group of parents at our local school providing us with their blueberry and strawberry boxes from the supermarket when they are in season because those boxes are a perfect way to protect small groups of miniatures. 

Storage - Likewise we have aimed to primarily use secondhand furniture and shelving to store the miniatures, using cardboard boxes (primarily boxes that are used for trays of blueberries) from the supermarket as a means of organising and storing the majority of our miniatures. 

Recycle - Where shipping materials cannot be reused for shipping either due to damage or a lack of suitability (we rarely have call for very very large boxes for example) then we ensure these are appropriately broken down and recycled. 

Banking - Our business banks with BankAustralia due to their responsible banking policy.

Trade - by offering a secondhand buying service we are helping DMs and players move towards a mode of play where you might think of getting miniatures as more like renting them for a particular campaign and hopefully preventing some beautiful miniatures ending up in landfill if people move on from the hobby. For more on our trade policy you can read about it here: Trade


If you have any other suggestions of how we could minimise our environmental impact please feel free to contact us at: 

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