Deceptive/Manipulative Advertising Policy

Did you know that a lot of modern website design is geared around trying to maximise customer's purchases - regardless of the means used?

Websites will try to encourage you to think a product is scarce, that others are looking at it, or that people are buying right now from the website so you will trust it more. Worse still often these strategies use outright deception - for example most pop ups telling you that someone from x has purchased y are utter nonsense, completely fake as our spoof pop ups demonstrate - just a two pronged attempt to manipulate you into purchasing - either the product that popped up (if X wanted it must be good) or from the site in general (oh look this site is popular, they must have good stuff. 


Here at RPG Mini Hunter we respect our customers and want you to be happy with your purchase, and as such we refuse to use manipulative or deceptive tactics to maximise our sales. 


Thanks for reading our policy, and sorry for manipulating you to read our policy on this if you came here via our fake product pop ups, by way of apology here is a single use code which should give you a 10% discount on your next purchase from us. You can either enter "OurBad" at the checkout or click on this link to have it automatically applied.



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