Dungeons & Dragons vs Pathfinder Miniatures - how do I choose?

While strictly the Icons of the Realms range are representations of monsters only from 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder Battles miniatures are representations of monsters from Pathfinder 1st Edition and 2nd Edition (both spin offs from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition) you can actually mix and match to your hearts content - across the ranges. 

Don't feel constrained by what is written on the base of the miniature - if you think that wraith would work well as a shadow, guess what - you are right! Rule 1 applies here as everywhere else.


We have tried to be generous in our categorisation of minis and suggest categories not just that they officially are in but also ones they would work well for. 


That said it can be difficult to do this across the different ranges for two reasons. Firstly the names across the different ranges for the same thing are sometimes different. 

Secondly the art can be quite different for the same creature across both ranges which means sculpts can look quite different. This is most profound in three areas:

  • Pathfinder Battles giants are "large: in size. Icons of the Realms giants are "huge" in size. This means that Icons Giants tower over Pathfinder Giants. 

  • D&D dragons have different characteristics than Pathfinder dragons. For example, D&D gold dragons have tendrils coming off their faces while Pathfinder dragons do not.

  • Goblinoids look a lot more cartoonesque in Pathfinder. 




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