Why buy Prepainted Miniatures and why as singles?

RPG Mini Hunter specialises in selling official prepainted miniatures as singles - but why?

If you want to play dungeons and dragons or other roleplaying games with a physical representation of what you and the characters are doing you have a few options:

1. Substitute - perhaps you have a bunch of lego sitting around, perhaps you are happy with using candy as tokens which you eat when you kill the monster... These are perfectly fine as options - but can be confusing regarding what is represented. 

2. DIY - you could make paper tokens or standees. But this is time consuming, easily damaged and easily lost. 

3. Buy official unpainted miniatures and paint them yourselves. But this is time consuming and challenging hence why many of us have an ever growing plastic pile of shame that we will get around to painting some day.

4.Buy official unpainted miniatures and hire someone else to paint them - this is great assuming they are a good painter, but its costly and quickly adds up. 

5. Buy official prepainted miniatures in booster boxes, bricks or cases. This gives you a good stock of heroes and creatures which are instantly tableworthy without you needing to do anything. However you lack control and may not get the creature you want/need.

6. Buy official prepainted miniatures as singles - This gives you the heroes and creatures you want at a reasonable price, ready to go straight to your tabletop in a painted condition.  


And that is why we specialise in prepainted miniatures being sold as singles - before we did Australians didn't have this option and opening it up allows you to have exactly the minis you need to play with in a tableworthy state when you need them, without a plastic pile of shame or the time consuming hassle of painting your own miniatures.  

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