What do I do if one of the minis I receive is broken?

Firstly I would like to emphasize that we do aim to ship your miniatures in appropriate and secure packaging well wrapped to protect them from any damage.

And furthermore these are fairly robust things - whilst the original packaging they come in ironically affords much less protection than our packaging when we send them out to you (in a booster box it is common for the medium miniatures to be loose - in a bubble wrapped sleeve which often comes off - rather than being securely wedged in place) - even so the breakage rate on our stock even that which comes from overseas is quite low. 


Nonetheless, accidents do happen - these are small and sometimes fragile objects, and delivery people can be... enthusiastic... So here are some options:


1. Return it

First and foremost you can of course simply return the mini to us for replacement (if available) or refund (postage at your expense) as per our returns policy


2. Return it to the Manufacturer 

While it is almost certainly simpler and easier to return the product to us, Wizkids who are the manufacturer of most of the products we stock do offer a replacement service for broken minis - Wizkids


3. Repair it

Minis may come out of a box bent or broken. Most damage is actually quite fixable.

Common types of bending include: entire figure is tilted, a weapon is not straight, or extended parts of the mini, typically large wings, are folded awkwardly. 

When the figure or parts of the figure are bent, you can run the figure under hot tap until the plastic becomes flexible, gently bend the figure into the desired shape, and then dunk the figure into ice water to set the plastic again.

If a mini has a part broken off, you can superglue it back on. People suggest using Loctite Gel super glue, which is commonly available at hardware & crafts stores, but other options exist as well. 

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