History of RPG Mini Hunter

RPG Mini Hunter is a small home business run by David & Simone Hunter, two Kiwis who have flitted around the world and ended up in Adelaide and in love with being in Adelaide.

We are both long term gamers, particularly board gamers and David played D&D as a child and teenager back in the 80s & 90s. While I fell away from the hobby after University we tried a few years ago to dust off the old red box set and try it with our kids. While that had mixed success (who knew calculating THAC0 was so hard...) it got me interested again and a friend who works at Riot Games in the US asked me if I had tried D&D 5E. 

I found a local games store had just started hosting Adventurers League game nights and so went and tried it out (I had made a cleric and found that the four other who showed up also all bought clerics so we had a hilarious five cleric game). I had a great time, bought up the source books, introduced 5E to my kids (and now their friends as well) and started DMing Adventurers League as well.

I was frustrated though that my limited handful of badly painted old metal minis from the 90s didn't cover a wide range of creatures and while I could buy unpainted sculpts my arts skills were... somewhat lacking so my plastic pile of shame was rapidly mounting up.

So I asked another DM who always seemed to have well painted minis how he did it and he pointed me to the Icons of Realms blind booster boxes. Which were great but... incredibly frustrating because you had no real idea what you would pull so double ups quickly abounded. I took to ebay to try and fill in the gaps in my collection and found that there were no local resellers selling singles. 

So after talking about it we decided to try being that local reseller and bought two booster bricks and started the fun process of learning how to operate a (at the time very small) business on ebay with the thought that the worst that could happen would be that we would end up with a few more miniatures. There has been a lot of learning along the way but we have grown from our initial stock of 64 minis to now holding over 8000 minis in stock (and rising!). 

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