Here at RPG Mini Hunter we don't just sell minis we also buy them so if you have miniatures which you are no longer using we would be happy to take them off your hands. 

We buy: Official prepainted miniatures and Unpainted Reaper, Nolzur & pathfinder deep cuts miniatures. 

We only accept miniatures  in a good condition (no significant wear and tear, not broken, smoke-free environment).


The Process: 

Step 1: Contact us with a complete list of what you would like to sell, its condition & whether you would like to receive payment in cash or store credit. (It is helpful if you can describe which set it is from - sites like Minis Gallery are very useful for identifying this.) 

Step 2: We will email back an offer based on the value of the items you would like to sell. (For reference - this will typically be 1/3rd of our sale price for the item in cash and 1/2 in store credit - but may vary depending on the level of demand for the stock and our current stock quantities).

Step 3:If you accept the quote then we will ask you to send the minis to us, appropriately protected (this means - ideally individual wrapping of the miniatures & ensuring that they are packed securely inside a box with no room for movement - no responsibility will be taken at our end if your miniatures are damaged in transit from you to us). We recommend you use either Sendle or Auspost, but it is up to you to choose who you will send with. 

Step 4: Once we have received the minis and assessed that they meet the standard you described them as we will issue either cash via paypal or store credit. If we assess the items as not meeting the standard described (for example if they are damaged in transit) then we will offer a revised amount and you may either accept this or we can return the miniatures to you at your expense. 


You can contact us at

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