About Us

RPG Mini Hunter is an Australian online store based in Adelaide. We began in April 2019 as an ebay online store and launched our own separate website (which you are browsing) in May 2020. 

We aim to provide the Australian Tabletop RPG community with the best source for miniatures for games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder and many others. We specialise in official prepainted miniatures, specifically selling them as singles (as opposed to the random booster box distribution model patterned on collectible card games that Wizkids has adopted). We aim for excellent customer service and to support our community by stocking as wide a range of prepainted miniatures as possible. 

We are not a one stop shop of everything you need to play dungeons and dragons, instead we are a specialist store focusing on miniatures, which allows us to hold a much wider and deeper inventory of these, with specialist knowledge both about what is available on the market and where to source this. 







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