Thanks DM 2020

While 2020 might have felt more like a nat one than a nat 20 we at RPG Mini Hunter wanted to take the opportunity to let you (and your party) say thanks to that someone special in your life, your DM...

DM's do a lot for us - literally create and maintain the world that our shenanigans occur in. And we figure its time to give something back (other than disrupting all their plotlines and making the throwaway NPC with a weird voice a mainstay of the party). 

So here is the deal - we are offering a one off 10% discount across our store as long as what you are buying is a Christmas present for your DM to thank them for the good times. Just enter the code: ThanksDM20 at the checkout or shop via this link to have it automatically apply:

And we will throw in a little something extra as a present from us for your DM as well.

Please remember, roleplay responsibly, 

DM's are for life, not just for Christmas.

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