International Shipping

Shipping Times:

We book and pack all orders for shipping within at most one business day of receiving them (in other words if your order is received on Monday it will be packed and booked by Tuesday and collected by Wednesday). 


International Shipping Policy:

International shipping fees are based on weight and location. While we have aimed to make these accurate if shipping and handling costs less than you have been charged we will refund the difference once shipping has been booked in. 

While we will endeavour to ensure your minis get to you as swiftly as possible given the ongoing disruption to couriers and postal services due to the COVID19 pandemic significant delays are possible so please be patient. In some rare cases we may need to cancel your shipment or request extra shipping fees because of the limited service from couriers to your country. 


Environmental Policy:

As per our environmental policy we will only ship with carbon neutral carriers and use recycled packaging and boxes. 

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