RPG Mini Hunter Dungeons and Dragons Australia Community Painting Competition 2024
For the Dungeons and Dragons Australia Facebook community this year we are running a Painting Competition. Each month there will be
each month there will be a Nolzurs or Pathfinder sculpt from Wizkids that we will pick. To enter the contest you need to acquire the sculpt and paint it - submitting a photo of the painted mini to Dungeons & Dragons Australia Facebook group by the end of the month and tagging us (RPG Mini Hunter, Australia) in that submission. (We will also make a submission post in the last week of the month if you would prefer to post to that).
We thought we would start with something classic - a Hook Horror which usually has an RRP of $19.99 but we will sell for $14.99 during this year. And each month there will be 3 prizes available each of $10 credit in our store - there will be one prize for the best paint job as chosen by the community and two further randomly drawn winners as well.
Month Creature RRP Our Price Due Date
February Hook Horror 19.99 14.99   8th of March
March Arcanaloth & Ultroloth 9.99 7.99   5th of April
April Huge Elemental Air Lord 27.99 19.99   3rd of May
May Venom Troll 19.99 14.99   7th of June
June Cloaker 19.99 14.99   5th of July
July Frost Salamander 27.99 19.99   9th of August
August Gorgon 19.99 14.99   6th September
September Koalinths 9.99 7.99   4th of October
October Raging Troll 19.99 14.99   7th of November
November Annis Hag & Green Hag 16.99 12.99   6th of December
December Nalfeshnee 19.99 14.99   3rd of January

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