Dragons of Stormwreck Isle - Monster & Miniature list

So you just got your hands on the latest starter set - Dragons of Stormwreck Isle and you are wondering "Do I need anything else before I embark into D&D - do I need miniatures?"


So rather unusually for a business that is focused on selling miniatures we are going to say no, you don't need miniatures to run this adventure. You can run D&D combat entirely "theatre of the mind" (which is a fancy way of saying you all imagine it) and it works perfectly fine - so if you want to try out D&D without investing into miniatures, go ahead!


That said some do find having some form of spatial representation of battles is helpful for them figuring out where things are, and what they might do, and its hard to avoid recommending at least the humble adventure grid for that purpose... But still you don't have to use miniatures, bottle caps work, as do other tokens, heck I know some folks who use lollies for monsters and whoever slays them gets to eat the lolly! 


Still if you want actual representations of the monsters you are going to encounter - well we have made a list of all the critters in this particular adventure and that will be followed by some suggestions of minis that would work well here.


It is worth noting that Wizkids do have a specific 2d Set for this adventure which you can get here: Idols of the Realms: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle 2d Set for a very reasonable price $29.99 

But as you will see below while its a good set it doesn't quite cover all the bases you need - still it would be an excellent starting point which you could then supplement as needed.


Minis by Chapter

Chapter 1: Dragon’s Rest

Need (Aka are in combat)

3 Zombies


Additional Encounters (You may not use these – so pick what you want – that said most of the minis will be useful in later chapters)

3 Fume Drakes

1 Owlbear

Upto 8 Kobolds

Upto 3 Winged Kobold


Could also have (Aka are not in combat unless the PCs provoke)

Elder Runara  Elderly human female Abbess of Dragon Rest. Also Adult Bronze Dragon…

Tarak Middle age human farmer, former Rogue.

Varnoth, Female human close cropped dark hair, plainly dressed – Mason & former fighter


Chapter 2: Seagrow Caves

1 Spore servant Octopus

Upto 8 Stirges

3 Myconid Sprouts

6 Myconid Adults (these 6 myconids will be used for 2 encounters with 2 myconids and one with six)

1 Myconid Sovereign – This won’t be used in combat so feel free to either skip them or substitute one of the myconid adults if you want

3 Violet Fungi

5 Fume Drakes (You may already have 3 from the optional encounter in chapter 1)

1 Fire Snake


Chapter 3: Cursed Shipwreck

3 Zombies (you should already have these from Chapter 1)

1 Ghoul

2 Harpies


Chapter 4: Clifftop Observatory

3 Winged Kobolds (might already have these from the additional encounters in chapter 1)

3 Kobolds (might already have these from the additional encounters in chapter 1)

8 Stirges (should have these from Chapter 2)

Blue Dragon Wyrmling

Bronze Dragon Wyrmling


Total Needed:

3 Zombies: We are fans of diversity in our monsters so I've suggested a few different options here: Chultan Zombie Zombie Elf Zombie Goliath Strahd Zombie Orc Zombie

1 Ghoul: Ghoul - Boneyard Ghoul - Runelords Leng Ghoul

2 Harpies: Harpy - Runelords Harpy - City of Lost Omens Harpy - Tyranny of Dragons

8 Kobolds: Kobold Fighter Kobold Pick Kobold Guard Kobold Monk Kobold Skirmisher Kobold Devilspeaker Kobold Champion Kobold Archer Kobold mountaineer Kobold Scout Kobold Soldier Kobold Trapmaker Kobold Spiked Club Kobold Inventor   

3 Winged Kobolds: Winged Kobold Kobold Scale Sorcerer Dragonwrought Kobold  

1 Octopus: Octopus

8 Stirges: Stirges are hard - they are a popular beast which attacks in swarms and as such the minis are very expensive and sell out fast. I'll list a few options but my strong suggestion given that you need 8 of them is either to use proxies or to buy this Stirges Warband 2d set from Arcknight Stirge MM3 Blood bug Stirge Drone  

3 Myconid Sprouts: Myconid Sprout

6 Myconid Adults: Myconid - Wild Myconid - Snowbound Myconid Guard

3 Violet Fungi There isn't a great mini available for these. The closest is: Fungus Leshi - but I would just use a proxy here.

5 Fume Drakes either these Green Guard Drake as proper drakes: or these Gas Serpents as closer to the description of these in this adventure

1 Fire Snake: Fire Snake

1 Blue Dragon Wyrmling: Blue Dragon Wyrmling Blue Wyrmling

1 Bronze Dragon Wyrmling: Bronze Wyrmling


We hope that is useful for you, but most of all we hope you enjoy your exploration of Dungeons and Dragons!

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