D&D with Children - a Session Report
Today I ran a game for my son (11) and daughter (8) and their two friends 10 & 8.
They had to go and convince an Ettin to fight a Hill Giant to protect their village - but to get to the Ettin they had to cross a magic forest - with portals into the Feywild. They were ambushed by goblins in the forest and discovered the trees were magical when the brave Tabaxi fighter MiaoMiao tried to scamper up a tree trunk to hide from the ambushing Goblins. There was a "poof" and then a small pile of dust formed at the base of the tree, MiaoMiao was nowhere to be seen!
There was a lot of lip quivering by all the kids - "was MiaoMiao dead?" And then next round "poof" she reappeared in front of the tree - she had travelled six seconds into the future. The 8 year old playing MiaoMiao reasoned that she wouldn't know what had happened since she hadn't seen herself disappear so she touched the tree again and... the same thing happened.
At this point the party got excited about the trees and the sorcerer used gust of wind to blow the hobgoblin captain into a tree - sadly this healed the Captain back to full HP. The Ranger Enri now convinced that the trees were good touched a tree - and was electrified taking 15 damage. Next round MiaoMiao again touched the tree and became translucent. This gave enemies disadvantage on attacking her but also made her vulnerable to damage... Enri decided he needed to heal so he touched the tree again and polymorphed into a chicken for 5 rounds...
Eventually they defeated the goblins and advised by a morally questionable sprite they rescued they decided to travel into the Feywild as a short cut but were warned it would have a price. On entering the Feywild via the magic trees they were greeted by Pandi a humanoid corgi who told them that he was a real good boy and he would like to serve as their guide if they would play some games. They said yes and he said "Great can I have your names?" MiaoMiao said "Yes I am MiaoMiao" but others seeing the glint in the Dm's eye lied - they said they were called "No" "Yes" and "Fig" Pandi thanked them and I informed them that MiaoMiao was now called Pandi and Pandi now referred to himself as MiaoMiao... the other three felt very smug for lying, even though they could no longer remember the word they had called themselves - which made for some awkward discussions...
Pandi then asked them what they wanted and after some negotiation agreed to grant them passage - if they would draw a picture of the bestest boy they knew so that he would have something to remember them by. But to make it a fun game they each had to draw a quarter of him and then put them together - I've attached the picture of the mini and the drawing they did - as you can see mistakes were made but Pandi was happy so he sent them on their way - after restoring their names so MiaoMiao was MiaoMiao once again and sadly our other three adventurers now believe their names are "No" "Yes" and "Fig" but hopefully that faerie magic will wear off soon!
There was much giggling and fun had.

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