Arcknight Hardcover Support Set - Lost Mines of Phandelver Starter Set

Lost Mines of Phandelver (LMoP) is one of the most beloved 5E Dungeons and Dragons adventures, and it is easy to see why - it is packed full of classic encounters and NPCs its the starter set adventure that has launched many on their D&D journey both as players and new DMs.


The one sticking point many have experienced is that it is hard to get your hands on the minis you need to run it, especially because its popularity has driven some of the core minis (Nothic I am looking at you) to very high prices. Arcknight have set out to fix this problem with their affordable and flexible 2d flat plastic miniature standees.  

This 82 Mini starter set provides minis for all the core critters and NPCs that are found in the adventure for just $64.99. Even the famed Chef "Goblin" Ramsay 

And to help you run the adventure they have included an illustrated guide to which mini to use for which critter:  

So that is an amazing package making it really easy to run LMoP out of the box. But they didn't stop there. Would you like modular printed maps of the iconic locations in LMoP:

Alongside a handy storage folder? Then the Standard Hardbound Support set is for you - for $209.99 you get all the maps you need, plus the 82 core minis and a handy storage case. 


And if you feel like LMoP deserves the truly deluxe package then there is the Deluxe Hardbound Support Set. For $349 this set adds a tremendous amount of minis - The Deluxe Edition adds 7 warbands which represent potential wandering monsters (10 Twig Blights, 10 Stirges, 10 Dwarven Draugr, 10 Goblin Raiders, 10 Reanimated Villagers, 10 Dragon Cultists, 10 Aasimar) and a full PC Expansion pack giving 64 PCs) meaning you get 218 minis in total. 


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